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Typical electronic tensile testing machine
Typical electronic tensile testing machine

Typical electronic tensile testing machine

Product introduction:
Typical type liquid crystal display electronic tensile testing machine is designed for institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes electronic tensile testing machine.Host machine and the design of the auxiliary equipment of my company's advanced technology, beautiful appearance, easy operation, stable and reliable performance.System through the controller, the rotational speed control system control servo motor, after reduction system slowdown by precision ball screw pair with beam rise and fall, complete specimen tensile mechanical properties test, no pollution, low noise, high efficiency and has a wide speed range.This machine is widely used in the spring production, aerospace, machinery, building materials, wire and cable, rubber, plastic, textile, home appliances and other industries of material inspection analysis, is a scientific research institutions, universities and colleges, industrial and mining enterprises, technical supervision, commodity inspection, arbitration and other departments of the ideal test equipment.
Second, features:
1, the speed control system adopts servo motor and reducer, performance is stable and reliable, has over current, over voltage, overload protection function.
2, transmission part adopts circular arc tooth synchronous belt, precision ball screw pair drive, smooth transmission, low noise, high transmission efficiency.
3 with a microcomputer interface, test process can be an external microcomputer control and data storage and print.(optional)
4, universal joint cross bolt structure, and has the function of swing Angle limit, on the one hand is advantageous for the specimen clamping, guarantee the test concentricity, on the other hand good to eliminate the influence of irregular sample of sensor.
5, touch the healthy operation, LCD real-time display, overcoming the old digital tube display are prone to failure, and beautiful and easy, convenient and quick.
Third, up to the standard
In line with the GB, 13022 GB, 16491 GB/T 1040, GB/T 1041, GB/T 8804, GB/T 9341, GB/T 9647, GB/T 17200, GB/T 528-528, GB/T 1039, ISO7500-1, ISO5893, ASTM D638, ASTM D 695, ASTM D 790 standard
Four, the main technical parameters:
1 biggest test force: 10000 n, 20000 n, 50000 n
2 measure range: 2% - 100% of the maximum test force
3 testing machine precision level: level 1
Accuracy: 4 test force is superior to the value of plus or minus 1%
5 displacement measurement: resolution of 0.01 mm
6 deformation accuracy: better than that of plus or minus 1%
7 adjustable speed range: 1-500 - mm/min
Eight tests between empty: 700 mm
9 main machine feet inches: 600 * 400 * 1600 mm
Heavy volume: about 200 kg
Working environment: room temperature ~ 45 ℃, humidity 20% ~ 80%